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Chancery Lane

Ernesto Bedmar Architects - Masterpiece Series

Byron Hawes Ernesto Bedmar Max Strang

200 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
‘Patio, channel of sky/The patio is the window/Through which God watches souls/The patio is the slope/Down which the sky follows into the house/Serene’ - Jorge Luis Borges Bedmar & Shi’s Chancery Lane is the apotheosis of their ongoing interaction with a new language of tropical residential architecture. Evocative of the simple, open structures of time’s past, yet possessed of a modernity of spirit perfectly in keeping with contemporary life. Set around an open courtyard space, with a series of demarcated private abodes, Chancery Lane perfectly embodies the tenets of personal privacy heightened and brought together through shared experience. Subtle and serene, this is a residence borne of a coalescence between the environmental, the aesthetic, and the spatial. A true gem.