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Campo Baeza

Complete Works

Richard Meier Jésus Aparicio Manuel Blanco

632 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
This monograph presents one of the most unique voices in contemporary architecture whose collection of built work makes a compelling case, with some help from Hisao Suzuki’s photography, for the power of radical simplicity. Included amongst the projects featured are the Andalucian Museum of Memory and Caja Granada, two contiguous buildings united in a quiet yet monumental statement about Granada, and its history, as well as other instant classics such as the Asencio, Gaspar, and Turegano houses. All share a basic dedication to simple composition with unadorned masses and show Baeza’s uncompromising exercise of disciplined restraint in achieving architectural silence, his laconic answer to the deafening noise of the contemporary city. The projects explored in the book span four decades of an international architectural practice. Contributions by Richard Meyer, Jesus Aparicio, Kenneth Frampton, and Manuel Blanco offer critical commentary on Baeza’s persistent quest for beauty and relevance by means of simplicity.