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Love, Earth

32 pages
WunderMill Publishing Group

Earth has been around for a very long time and she's always been very generous with her resources, providing shelter, food, water for all of its inhabitants. Earth is also a never ending source of beauty. But she needs some help. Little by little, the gifts she offers are vanishing because we overuse and abuse the earth’s ecosystem. We need to help save these resources before they are all gone. 

Love, Earth is a love letter from mother Earth to young readers, showing them how they can do better to take care of her and her shared resources. Whether it’s cleaning up after themselves, saving water, or repurposing their old clothing, Earth is ready to offer some assistance and receive kids’ help. Everyone wins in the effort to keep Earth a healthy and beautiful place to live. 

Color saturated illustrations combined with sensible insights and humor bring Love, Earth's story to life. If we all help (kids and adults) just a little bit every day, we can have a big impact helping Earth stay healthy and happy for generations to come. 

Author Bio

Jeff Turner wanted to be a children’s book author/illustrator from the minute he got his first big box of crayons. After 30 years as an Art Director and Creative Director in NYC, designing fabric collections, magazines , that’s exactly what he did. He’s been coloring outside the lines ever since.

Jeff is the author of an interactive app named I Can Fly and picture books The Artist Behind the Wall (also Persnickety Press) Who Am I? and Who Broke the Vase? among many others.