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A Teeny Tiny Halloween

Lauren L. Wohl Henry Cole

32 pages
Persnickety Press

It happens every fall. The leaves from the tall trees that surround her house drift down until the teeny tiny woman’s teeny tiny house is buried completely. Inside it’s dark and a teeny tiny bit scary, but the resourceful woman has a plan and a few surprises up her teeny tiny sleeve.

Written to be shared through read-aloud or story-telling, the type face indicates where the teller should be whispering and when suddenly s/he should shout ? surprising the listeners, even causing them to jump, which puts this book in the realm of jump-tales, so popular at spooky-story times like Halloween and around the campfire on summer evenings. Short enough for even young children to remember after reading or hearing the story a few times, the book encourages children themselves to tell the tale themselves, making a family tradition.

Former Disney Publishing executive, Lauren L. Wohl, tells an all-new story starring a favorite character from folklore with an autumnal chill and a special treat that brings the book to a perfect-for-Halloween ending. Children will want to return to the teeny tiny house again and again to enjoy Henry Cole’s illustrations that capture the mood and the humor of the tale.

Sure to be a perennial holiday favorite, like The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything," a book that makes the bestseller list every single Halloween!

Author Bio

Lauren L. Wohl combines two of her favorite things in A Teeny Tiny Halloween: her love of children's books with the mix of just-a-little-scary and a lot of fun at Halloween. Lauren's career has been in children's book publishing. She has a degree in Library Science and has been a school librarian in the New York City public school system, and was the director of James Patterson's ReadKiddoRead program. Lauren now consults to several children's publishers and mentors in the MFA program at Simmons College. A native New Yorker, Lauren lives with her husband in Miami Beach, Florida, and Lenox, Massachusetts.

Henry Cole was a beloved elementary science and math teacher for many years before turning to the world of children's publishing. Since then, he has helped create over 120 books for children, including Jack's Garden, A Nest for Celeste, Big Bug, The Somewhat True Adventures of Sammy Shine, Brambleheart, Spot, the Cat, Unspoken: A Story from the Underground Railroad, And Tango Makes Three, by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, and the Little Bo books written by Julie Andrews Edwards. Between working on books and traveling the country speaking to school audiences, he spends his time in his home state of Virginia.