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The Playbook

A Novel

352 pages
Bancroft Press

A guitarist, a philosopher, and a natural-born leader with a ponytail walk onto a football field.

In the heart of a small mountain town where football reigns supreme and tradition casts long shadows, Ms. Chelsea Deal defies the norm. Amid the echoes of clashing helmets and the roar of a crowd, Chelsea, a former big-city lawyer now cast as the interim head coach for the undefeated Rabon Knights, becomes the unexpected mentor for two young players whose dreams echo her own. Palmer, a reclusive teenager brimming with untapped talent, and Ty, an old soul fighting the gravest of battles, join forces with Chelsea to overcome their differences and fight for a championship.

As the season unfolds, so do the lives of these characters as each one strives to defeat personal challenges. Chelsea, with her keen instincts and generous spirit, seeks to rewrite the rules in a town slow to accept her. Palmer, elusive and insecure, navigates the pain of a dysfunctional family and the pull of interests beyond football. And Ty, the quarterback whose bright future is threatened by a deadly adversary, searches for strength in the power of unlikely friendships.

From the smoky aroma of Southern barbecue to the indomitable spirit of a team that refuses to yield, The Playbook captures the essence of what it means to fight for every inch, every down, every dream. as a team. This story reminds us of the possibilities when we allow our instincts to take charge-when the game is no longer just a game, but a catalyst for life-altering experiences.

Join us on the field and beyond, as Chelsea, Palmer, and Ty show us that sometimes, the most profound victories don't come with a score. Sometimes, when we break through our defenses, both literal and metaphorical, we find glory in unexpected places. And, sometimes, the games aren't just played, but felt, and the characters aren't just written, but lived.

Author Bio
Gary E. Parker is the best-selling author of 23 published books (19 novels/ novellas), including numerous genre best-sellers and fiction award-winners. A Christy Award finalist for Highland Hopes, Parker has become a leading source for sweeping sagas of family and faith. A BA graduate of Furman University and the holder of a PhD from Baylor University, he has written six screenplays, including an adaptation of THE PLAYBOOK. A frequent and much sought-after speaker before national and local conventions and conferences, he currently lives in the Atlanta suburbs.