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A Novel

Kevin Kunundrum

360 pages
Bancroft Press

FOTUS is a political satire that takes place in a futuristic America, in which Alexander Rett, a self-aware talking embryo, defies medical science, runs to become President from within the womb, wins, and during his first few amazing months as leader of the Free World, coins himself the Fetus of the United States (FOTUS).

Without even a fully developed brain yet, the fetus embraces the role with an unorthodox sense of humor; he participates in presidential debates, helps pass important national bills, oversees domestic and international affairs, and even runs his own Twitter account where he continually engages in political quarrels—all through a window in his mother's stomach, an intercom to the outside world, and his cell phone.

The nuanced storyline, although seemingly inconceivable, touches on conflicting views on various issues—civil rights, gun control, abortion—that are topical in the political climate of modern-day America. FOTUS is joined in his bureaucratic ventures by a myriad of animated characters, including his White House personal secretary, chief of staff, press secretary, chief intern, personal bartender, and, of course, his parents.

FOTUS is an outlandish yet relevant take on contemporary politics and what it's like to be President with the entire world watching and criticizing your every move, narrated by the inquisitive, ambitious, anything-but-boring mind of an unborn child.

Author Bio

Ranter, raver, writer, wronger, upside-downer, stirrer-upper, & topsy-turvyist…

KEVIN KUNUNDRUM is an award-winning novelist, playwright, visual artist, screenwriter, one-time jazz guitarist, backwoods house-builder, old sports car enthusiast, and avid mixologist. His first novel, the literary satire THE SERIAL KILLER'S DIET BOOK, was acclaimed for about five minutes when it came out in the Fall of 2001, because, for some reason, “other events” doomed it from the start. His very first book-signing was scheduled for the night of September 11th. "The Taliban ruined my career!"

After tragically losing his wife of fifteen years in 2010 to a pulmonary embolism, he wrote the memoir TALES OF INSOMNIA DESPAIR & THE PERFECT COCKTAIL as a way of coming to terms with her death and the overwhelming grief that followed.

His other literary efforts include: MUDVILLE, a novel of violence in America where “Casey At the Bat” is turned askew and seen through the sulfurous light of Hellfire; the mash-up GEORGE WASHINGTON WEREWOLF; and LIVE NUDE GIRLS, a postmodern exploration of identity, hope, inevitability, and how practically everything in life is a Schrödinger's Cat experiment.

The political satire, FOTUS, is the first part of KUNUNDRUM’s American President Trilogy.

He lives in Charlottesville, VA.