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Pirate Cove

An Insider’s Account of the Infamous Southport Lane Scandal

252 pages
Bancroft Press
In the swirling world of big finance, a fifty-something business veteran, Richard Bailey, lands an unexpected opportunity as the President of a failing winery on Long Island. As he grapples with the challenge of turning the business around, he unwittingly uncovers a multi-million dollar money-laundering operation engineered by the enigmatic young genius who hired him. Torn between loyalty, fear, and a sense of justice, Bailey decides to assist the FBI, navigating the treacherous waters of corporate deceit and personal danger to bring the criminals to justice. Based on a remarkable true story, "Pirate Cove" dives into the dark heart of financial fraud and the extraordinary courage of an everyday man who dared to expose it. "Pirate Cove" tells the compelling true story of Richard Bailey, a business veteran who transforms a failing winery only to discover it's a front for a massive money-laundering scheme. Balancing duty and danger, Bailey assists the FBI, risking everything to expose the financial fraud perpetrated by a young genius.
Author Bio
Richard D. Bailey is a Certified Fraud Examiner. For more than 30 years, he has been successfully providing actionable and realistic financial, management, and corporate development services to distressed public and private manufacturing, service, and distribution companies. Bailey lives in suburban Boston, Massachusetts with his wife Christina. Pirate Cove is his first book.