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Kaitlyn's Wheel

A Novel

280 pages
Bancroft Press

In rural Iowa, Kaitlyn Stokes (18) witnesses a UFO over her house the night her father dies of cancer, giving her reason to believe the aliens took him away—as with Ezekiel’s Wheel in the Old Testament. She secretly hopes he might someday return as an “Ancient Astronaut,” a theory based on modern science.

In the Pacific Northwest, Zachary Taylor (18) reports to his high school principal that he was abducted by aliens, his impromptu excuse for skipping classes the day before. When the school secretary overhears him, she tells her teenage daughter and the story goes viral on social media, leading to a frenzy of TV news reporters outside his house.

Seeking answers, Kaitlyn connects with Zachary and they fall in love during their senior year. With graduation just months away, they could soon overcome the distance between them—or so they plan until Kaitlyn discovers their relationship was built on a prankish hoax.

Brokenhearted, she gets a mysterious signal over her satellite dish. If only her father could make contact, he would let her know that she and Zachary were brought together for reasons impacting the future of our planet. But the message may arrive too late ... as Zachary hurtles toward a lethal force of nature.

Author Bio

Chris Halvorson grew up in the Pacific Northwest. In fifth grade, he skipped a day of school to attend the Seattle Sonics championship parade. After dreaming of playing in the NBA himself, he soon realized he was too short and slow, so he followed his passion for books to become an author. He majored in Professional Writing at the University of North Alabama and received an MFA in Film Writing at Columbia University in the City of New York. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he’s adapting Kaitlyn’s Wheel for a television series.