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Plastic Sea

A Bird's-Eye View

Kirsti Blom Geir Wing Gabrielsen

64 pages
WunderMill Publishing Group

"A clear explanation of a pressing problem and an invitation to take action."— KIRKUS REVIEWS

Plastic garbage knows no borders. In the sea, it floats on ocean currents and makes its way around the globe, threatening seabirds and animals that eat it by mistake and are sometimes caught in plastic waste. Told from the perspective of a Northern Fulmar, a seabird that lives across the oceans of the northern hemisphere, Plastic Sea: A Bird's-eye View uses the most up-to-date science to offer insight into a growing environmental crisis with global implications. If we continue to waste as much plastic as we do today, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. Fortunately, there are actions we can take as individuals and as a global community to reduce plastic waste in our oceans. Plastic Sea is an invitation to give seabirds, animals, and the Earth itself a chance to thrive again.

Author Bio

Kirsti Blom writes professional prose and fiction books, and is a recognized speaker. Among other things, she has, together with various researchers, written the Polar series: Fjellreven (2003)The Whale (2005), The Polar Bear (nominated for the Brage Prize, 2007), Snow, Ice and Climate (2008), Svalbardrypa (2009), Seabirds in the Arctic (2011), White Cheese Goose (2015), and Svalbard Train (2018).

Geir Wing Gabrielsen is a researcher, biologist, and section leader on pollutants at the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø. He is a Norwegian representative in the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in the area of marine litter.