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Dancing When the Lights Go Out

Overcoming Grief

160 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
'Dancing When the Lights Go Out' by Roger Greene is an emotional and profound exploration of grief, loss, and the societal taboo surrounding these experiences. When Roger's wife passed away from a rare form of dementia during the height of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, his world shattered. Grief consumed him, leaving him emotionally wrecked and questioning the cultural norms that surround loss. Through his journey, he unveils the stark reality that our society shies away from discussing grief and loss, leaving many ill-prepared to cope with the profound impact of such experiences. The book delves into what it means to be human, spiritual, and practical in the face of devastating loss. Roger's Christian perspective adds depth as he intertwines personal narratives with insightful discussions on spirituality, culture, and the complexities of navigating the health and care system during times of bereavement. Roger explores the normalisation of loss as an inevitable part of life, offering guidance on navigating the storms of emotions and finding hope amidst the despair. The spiritual aspect offers a Christian lens on grief, emphasising the profound influence spirituality holds within our culture. Lastly, practical aspect serves as a guide through the bewildering labyrinth of the health and care system, providing invaluable assistance for those grappling with loss. At its core, this book unveils the heart-wrenching journey Roger and his family endured a locked-down care facility, isolated from loved ones during her final moments. However, beyond the personal narrative, Roger's aim is clear: to break the silence around grief and loss, equipping individuals and the Church to engage meaningfully in a world where pain is prevalent yet often unspoken. 'Dancing When the Lights Go Out' is a call to action, urging society to embrace conversations about grief and loss, to foster empathy, understanding, and genuine support. It's a beacon of hope, aiming to transform our approach to grief and, ultimately, to enable a more compassionate and meaningful existence in a world often shrouded in pain.
Author Bio
Roger Greene ============

Roger Greene is a Doctor of Philosophy with a career history as a Chief Executive in the NHS for 12 years and Director of consulting company Tricordant for 15 years.

He coaches, teaches and trains people in behaviour change.

Roger leads the Bereavement Journey courses with Kingdom Faith Church in Horsham, and a network of Christians in business and the workplace in the south-east of England. He has three daughters and six grandchildren.