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Failing Intelligently

Facing and Learning Through the Impact of Failure

Caris Grimes

180 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Does failure, or feelings of failure, affect you to the point where you find it hard to move on? Do you avoid situations where you might fail or find it difficult to confront failure? Caris Grimes takes a frank, no-nonsense look at different aspects of failure and what we can learn from them. Using examples from the apparent failures within the ministry of Jesus, and other Biblical stories together with academic research, Caris helps us to understand how God uses failure and what we can learn from failure in our personal lives and workplaces.
Author Bio
Caris Grimes ============ Caris Grimes is a Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon in Kent and lead for Patient Safety in General Surgery. As part of this role, she is involved in the investigation of serious incidents in surgery. Her teaching and research in Global Surgery is based at Kings College London. Caris lives in Surrey. She is married to Ian Nott. She has two children and two step-children.