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You, Me and the Butterfly

Ready to Fly Again

64 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd

You, Me and the Butterfly is set within a women's prison, where failure, depression, anxiety and fear are never too far away. Success, joy, peace and hope seem an unreachable dream at times. This is where we find 'You' – in prison, with little hope of a positive release from the cycle which engulfs' You'.

Can she see change in her circumstances and environment? Can she dare for a better tomorrow, next week or next month – looking any further appears futile. 'Me' – I'm someone trying to support 'You', when given the chance and the right resources.

Can a 'Butterfly' provide the inspiration and motivation to prompt change? This is not just a story about someone in prison, but one to encourage anybody feeling stuck in their circumstances, unable to move on or see a brighter tomorrow.

Author Bio
Simeon Sturney is an experienced through-the-gate prison chaplain who has helped hundreds of women at the point of their release from prison and as they walk to the local train station, journeying with them as they wrestle with their fears and temptations. He is also a former managing chaplain at one of the largest Women’s prisons in Western Europe and a former Probation Service Officer.