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Picked for a Purpose

Bearing Fruit Through Times of Hardship

Mel Menzies

240 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Born with an undiagnosed bowel disease which was too shameful to speak about, Mel Menzies grew up with a painful life. She felt she ‘failed as a daughter’ to fit in with her family of sporty extroverts; ‘failed as a new convert’ when she married with a baby on the way; ‘failed as a wife’ throughout fifteen years of her husband’s affairs; ‘failed as a mother’ when one daughter became a heroin addict for thirteen years; and ‘failed again as a daughter and sister’ throughout the twenty years of a family rift. A catalogue of competitive victimhood? A holier-than-thou hypocrite? Or picked for a purpose because the finger of God was upon her? In fact, seeds sown by the Father when she was only four years of age, put down roots and grew into a faith which led to her becoming a born-again believer and follower. ‘Picked’ for a writing career which eventually blossomed into her having a Sunday Times Bestseller, Mel soon learned why. Her purpose? To bear fruit for the nourishment of those in need i.e. to comfort others with the comfort she had received from God. As Mel shares her story so she helps you, her readers, to see the way in which God has picked you, the truth of God’s promise that all things work together for good for those who love God, and the life and light you might bring to the world when you blossom, bear fruit, and learn your purpose.
Author Bio
With nearly a dozen books behind her, one of which reached number four in The Sunday Times Bestseller list, Merrilyn Williams also writes under her maiden name, Mel Menzies. She is the author of two books in the Evie Adams series: Chosen and Time to Shine. A former chair of ACW and secretary to American author Paul Gallico, she is actively involved in a large church in Torquay, runs a book club and writers’ group and, now a grandmother, has been happily remarried for many years.