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Journal with Grace

Sarah Grace

144 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
This simple yet beautiful journal is the perfect accompaniment to Journey With Grace by Sarah Grace, as she encourages the reader to journal as part of the journey to a transformed life. The 'Gracelets' within this book are taken from the end of each chapter of ‘Journey with Grace’ and will travel through this journal, like little gems, gifts, that we can keep hold of. There is something very powerful about seeing our thoughts on paper. It can help to make more sense of things. It is also good to hear ourselves say things out loud. During counselling sessions, Sarah often hear both children and adults say things that seem to surprise them. This is a moment of recognising what is going on subconsciously. Journalling is a wonderfully private moment in which we can make further connections. She became fascinated with the idea of the journal as she saw how it linked with journey. Journey means ‘to travel on a defined route’, ‘one’s path in life’. Sarah realised that really we only have the day in which to shine, and then it dies. We do not get that chance again, but if we are fortunate enough to have another, and another, we can continue to shine each day. As we learn to live in the moment, feeling fully alive, we can learn from the day as it ends. As it dies, we can reflect on it, try to process it and learn from it.
Author Bio
Sarah Grace ===========

Sarah Grace is an integrative psychotherapist in private practice and a director at Malcolm Down and Sarah Grace Publishing. Embracing her own life journey with dyslexia, she uses her counselling and coaching skills, to work closely with clients helping them lead a more fulfilling life. She is also the author of Journey with Grace.