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Into the Wilderness

384 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Nadab jerked his censer away and pushed Moses hard. He stumbled backwards, falling into my arms. I steadied him, drew my sword and stepped forward. ‘What now?’ Nadab scowled at me. Turning to Moses, he said, ‘You are too cowardly to fight your own battles, so you bring your dog to fight for you?’ ‘Master, shall I stop them?’ Out of the corner of my eye, I saw red flashes. Glancing up at the cloud that billowed above us, I saw glowing embers being fanned into flame by a fierce wind stirring in the heavens. Moses saw it too. We looked at each other and I waited for his response, but we both knew what was about to happen. ‘No. It is too late,’ he said with a strangled cry. ‘Get back!’ Joshua had no idea of the dangers or the discoveries that awaited him when he took on the role of manservant to the nation of Israel’s prophet leader, Moses. A man of great courage as well as vulnerability, Joshua’s life would be profoundly transformed and his courage tested beyond anything he had experienced before as he battles the forces of darkness, both physical and spiritual, while at the same time facing his own internal fears. ‘Into the Wilderness’ is the first book in a trilogy, a vivid re-imagining of the nation of Israel’s exodus from captivity in Egypt, and their journey into the wilderness. Told through the eyes of Joshua, it offers danger and drama, a touch of the supernatural, along with some laughter and heart-warming moments. This book will challenge you to see the Israelite’s story with fresh eyes as you experience with them wondrous miracles, the shimmering canopy of Yahweh’s presence, and the relentless attack of darkness which assailed their every step.
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Nicky Heymans =============

Nicky Heymans is an exciting new author who has a passion for breathing fresh life into familiar stories. Although born in the United Kingdom, she lived the first forty years of her life in Zimbabwe, Africa, where she met and married her husband, Kingsley. They currently live in Wales and have three wonderful grown-up children and a beautiful daughter-in-law.