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Where Does God Live?

40 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Shriek the Eagle wants to find a friend so she flies around Eden Valley searching for God's front door. Does He live in a tree like her, or a den like Roar the Lion or a stable like Grunt the Ox? Join her as she discovers that God is a heavenly Father who sent His son, Jesus, to be 'Immanuel' - God With Us - and that His Holy Spirit is with all those who put their trust in Him. Just like Shriek, you can talk and squawk to God anywhere in the world!
Author Bio
Joanne Gilchrist ================

Joanne Gilchrist is creator of the Christian app ‘God for Kids’ and author of Looking for Love. She has a Graduate Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission, worked for five years with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). She is married with three daughters.