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A Little Book of Rest

Walking Out of Anxiety and Fear

108 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Sometimes we don’t really know why we’re fearful. It might be that we are generally anxious people. We tend to worry about everything. Of course, some fear can be quite legitimate. But if we find we’re overanxious and it’s affecting our lives – that can become a problem. Author Sheila Jacobs became ill in her early thirties with Ménière’s disease, and it virtually destroyed her life, mainly due to anxiety. She became uncomfortable outside the confines of her own home, even when her physical health had radically improved. She simply couldn’t live a normal life for many years. In the end, realising just how much of a prison she was in, she found the answer. Her biggest problem was an inability to truly walk in forgiveness, and trust. Forgiveness opened the door for a bigger experience of God, and consequently release from the kind of fear that prevented her from even going to church. Whatever your fear, whatever your circumstances, even if you feel shattered, like a broken mirror, you are not alone. You don’t have to fear ‘the void’ – whatever that ‘void’ is for you. Sheila shares some of her story in A Little Book of Rest, which contains five weeks of material to help you overcome your fears and enjoy life to the full once again – facilitating an encounter with the Prince of Peace, in whom there is no fear.
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Sheila Jacobs =============

Sheila Jacobs is a Christian writer, editor and award-winning author. Also a retreat leader and speaker she loves encouraging writers to hone their potential. She is passionate about helping others meet Jesus.