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They'll Never Read That

How to Make Mistakes in Publishing

Tony Collins

256 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Tony Collins started at Hodder & Stoughton in 1974, the first editor to come in ‘off the street’ in the company’s long history. He then trained as a missionary, but was unable to go to Brazil as planned because of the health of one of his children. He returned to the world of publishing, where he has since worked for MARC Europe, Kingsway, Monarch, Angus Hudson, Lion Hudson and SPCK, and has been responsible for starting several imprints including Monarch Books and Lion Fiction. He has owned three magazines. He has published for dozens of distinguished authors, and three of his books have won Christian Book of the Year. He has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Christian Writers. In addition to his work in the UK he has travelled on behalf of Media Associates International to Benin, Mali, the Republic of Congo, Lebanon, Italy, Russia, Burkina Faso and Kenya, presenting seminars on aspects of publishing in English and French. In June 2022 he will be speaking at the Jubilee Conference of the Association of Christian Writers, and in November 2021 he spoke at the Brechin Book Festival. He has spent decades surviving the choppy waters of Christian publishing. This book may leave you wondering how.
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Tony Collins ============

Tony Collins has worked for Hodder & Stoughton, Kingsway, Monarch, Lion Hudson and SPCK. Over the course of his career he has published at least 1400 books, and owned three magazines. He is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Christian Writers.