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The Legacy Letters

The Prompted Journal for those who Inspire Us

Carrie Lloyd

160 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Ever found yourself wishing you had asked the deeper questions of life from someone you admired? Someone you held so much love for, but the time or opportunity ran out? Have you often found yourself living out the legacy of that person, long after they departed the earth, trying to remember the stories, the principles by which they lived, because within their life was a depth of understanding that is nearby impossible to replicate? The Legacy Letters is a prompted journal, a volume that requires the receiver of the book to fill in the pages with their own wisdom. In an attempt to connect our personal sages to the youth of tomorrow, Carrie Lloyd wrote down the questions she asked her mother in a blank, leather-bound journal five years ago. Within the pages were stories she never knew of her family, adversities she could not have discovered just by living within the family home, and historical references that could have been missed had intentional questions not been asked. The Legacy Letters seeks to go deeper into the very motivations and makings of those who inspire us, and upon the pages being filled by the sages themselves, we have, through a vulnerable exposition of both the writer and the reader, the powerful findings of life itself, engraved into the page by their own ink. From childhood findings to the darkest hours of adversity, how did those who inspire us become so iconic to us? Whether they be a parent, a teacher, a mentor or a spiritual mentor, whoever they are to us, they hold up a baton of hope that we mustn’t miss in passing, but wait upon the starting line, ready to take our turn, carrying out their wisdom of yesteryear.
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Carrie Lloyd ============

Carrie Lloyd is the host of ‘The Carrie On…podcast’, journalist, Patreon writer and life guide, specialising in authenticity, character and therefore, love. She is the author of three books: The Noble Renaissance (Harper Collins), The Virgin Monologues, and Prude. Carrie resides between her homes in California and Lincolnshire, England.