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Redeeming Dust

A political drama from first century Palestine

Jacq Marlow

314 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
During a tumultuous period in first-century Palestine, this is a story of four Passovers and an execution. The people groan under the oppressive control of an overbearing Roman empire, whose tax burden and food rationing have made outlaws of some, fanatical for a violent rebellion. The majority of the land is owned by the puppet kings that do Rome’s bidding, whilst a priestly class have their own corrupt means of levying further taxes. The people dream of freedom, clinging to the hope of a great leader, a Messiah, that will arise and set them free, as their prophets and their history have foretold.
Author Bio
Jacq Marlow ===========

Jacq Marlow has always been interested in historical context that can make a story come alive.    Many years ago his mother gave him a Study Bible, with charts and timelines of events which opened his eyes to riches he had not previously seen.

He lives in a heavy engineering city but works in a light engineering company, with a background in biology and most loves the countryside with its birdsong.