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One Thread in God's Rich Tapestry

The Story of Ian Longfield

Jim Cockburn

116 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Ian Longfield is a remarkable Christian man who has had a wonderful impact on the lives of so many people in the community in which he lived and worked, the post-war Longbenton council estate on the outskirts of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. He also had a major influence on the wider spiritual life of Tyneside. As the local medical doctor, he cared deeply for the medical needs of the families who lived on the estate and who came to his practice, and he and his wife Helen worked hard to meet these needs. He also cared deeply for their spiritual needs, praying that many would come to a living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; prayers were answered through the establishment of Somervyl Chapel on the estate and the blessings that flowed from it. Ian's influence did, however, spread much wider than Longbenton, as he prayed continually for spiritual revival across the region. He longed to see people across Tyneside commit themselves to Christ and be changed by the working of his Holy Spirit. He also longed to see Bible-believing church leaders united in their vision for the Lord. In furthering this vision he worked very closely with church leaders in the region from a variety of denominations, some of whom would call themselves charismatic and some of whom would come from a more reformed tradition. He seemed to be able to win the confidence of Christians from a variety of denominations and persuasions, and, for example, used his influence to start regular meetings for Christian leaders across Tyneside held in the Mansion House in Newcastle. Ian Longfield has through the grace of God touched the lives of countless people over his long life and ministry. The people that he worked alongside or to whom he ministered and gave medical and spiritual care are very much aware that there was something very special about Ian. His wife Helen is also held in very high regard for her never failing support for Ian and her own spiritual wisdom and kindness.
Author Bio
Jim Cockburn ============

Jim Cockburn is a retired headteacher living in the north east of England, having spent almost forty years in the teaching profession. It was in his role as a headteacher that he regularly met Ian Longfield. Jim has already written one book, “All by Grace: 21 Years of Christian Headship” describing his experiences in education from a Christian perspective.