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The God Dilemma

A Philosophical Walk for the Undecided

Nathan Driscoll

250 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
What is behind life itself – God, evolution or something else? Are we alone in this universe? How can we find out if such a thing is possible? How far can our rational powers take us? Have we the self-control to use our ever-increasing intelligence responsibly? Is there a place for humility in all of this? Many writers have long since discarded the notion of faith being a rational option, but as we find out more and more about what we do not know, this could very well be a premature conclusion. This book attempts to explore the spaces which science, rationality and faith occupy and poses the question as to whether or not they can coexist.
Author Bio
Nathan Driscoll ===============

Nathan Driscoll is a philosopher, retired social worker and teacher, now doing a small amount of care work and a lot of grandparenting.