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Journey With Grace

Finding Freedom Through a Transformed Life

Sarah Grace

268 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Do you want to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin? When we decide to improve ourselves the ripple effect to others is contagious. When we feel comfortable in our own skin the benefit can be redemptive for those we love. What does your ripple look like? Unpacking your personal journey and seeing what is really going on emotionally at a deeper level, is a challenge, yet also a privilege that each of us can go through. Reading this book can turn confusion into clarity, fear into peace, anxiety into creativity, doubt into trust. You will discover confidence in your path ahead and find new freedom in your everyday life. Find out what limits you so you can choose to make the changes. So often we are afraid of appearing self-centred but who else is going to do it? Sarah had to go there and hopes you can go there too. Read Journey with Grace so you don't have go there alone.
Author Bio
Sarah Grace =========== Sarah Grace is an integrative psychotherapist in private practice and creative manager at Malcolm Down and Sarah Grace Publishing. Embracing her own life journey with dyslexia, she uses her counselling and coaching skills, including equine therapy, to work closely with clients helping them lead a more fulfilling life. Journey with Grace is Sarah's first book.