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Out of the Shadows

A Remarkable Story of Forgiveness and Healing

Alison Buttenshaw

192 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
This is the triumphant and powerful true story of one woman who has chosen to forgive. At the age of ten, Alison Buttenshaw witnessed the brutal attack on her parents which left her father dead and her mother with multiple stab wounds. Prior to the attack, Alison was also robbed of her innocence through sexual abuse.
Author Bio
Alison Buttenshaw is an articulate, salt-of-the-earth communicator whose passion for helping others instills hope into the heart of every listener. Ali regularly shares her powerful story of forgiveness and courage at events, conferences and retreats. In addition to this, Ali is a qualified life coach helping individuals journey towards achieving their goals and dreams, stay on track and achieve success and happiness. She is happily married to Ross and they are the proud parents to Kealy and Curtis.