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Restoring the Fallen

Creating Safe Spaces for Those Who Fail

Mark Stibbe Cherith Stibbe

204 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Restoring the Fallen tells Mark and Cherith Stibbe’s painful story of fall, repentance and restoration. Rooted throughout in the moving tale of Peter’s restoration in John 21, Mark and Cherith offer hope and healing to those who have fallen. They use the picture of kintsugi - the Japanese art of repairing broken cups using golden lacquer – to reveal how we are all cracked pots, but our loving Father is the Divine Potter, and in his hands, our fractures become the fissures through which his glory shines!
Author Bio
Described by the New York Times as "an acclaimed Christian writer," Dr Mark Stibbe is the award-winning author of over forty non-fiction and fiction titles. Many of his popular books have been bestsellers and his academic books are required reading in universities and seminaries all over the world. He contributes to The Times and has been regularly interviewed by mainstream media such as the BBC. Mark coaches writers and is a popular contributor at writers' conferences and workshops. Cherith Stibbe is an English literature graduate. She is the co-founder and CEO of BookLab, a business that has helped hundreds of writers on their journey towards publication. She is also a copy editor and proof-reader, as well as the Middle Grade Fiction consultant for Booklab, with a certificate in the course, Write Storybooks for Children.