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Looking for Love:

Finding God's True Purpose in Love and Marriage

Joanne Gilchrist

184 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
For much of her teenage life, Joanne Gilchrist was desperate for a boyfriend and searching for love. She scared away the exact same men she wanted to attract and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't manipulate her perfect relationship into existence. That's when God intervened. Over time, God showed her how to put her love life into His hands and trust Him as the creator of her heart to care for her deepest need. Looking for Love is for those who have a deep desire to love and be loved but who have believed at some point that this desire cannot be filled by God. Gilchrist looks at the purpose for which we were made and the purpose for marriage, comparing them to our needs and desires. She also considers some of the challenges young women face today as they try so desperately to do love and relationships in the right way while seeing so many examples of doing it wrong. Looking for Love offers a fresh perspective to help you focus on how God sees you, how God sees marriage, and help you find the way to fulfilling the deepest desires of your heart.
Author Bio
Joanne Gilchrist ================

Joanne Gilchrist spent most of her 20s working in New Zealand for Youth With a Mission and the local Elim church. She trained teams of young people from schools and churches for short-term mission outreaches. Since moving to The Oakes Holiday Centre in Sheffield, England, she has been mentoring young women and writing, as well as designing a Bible-based devotional app called God for Kids.