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To Everything a Time

Eleanor Watkins

262 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Alison Harper might be considered a woman who has it all – husband, four healthy children, friends, and a farmhouse home in a beautiful setting, even a temperamental Aga. But, as a new year unfolds, unforeseen events and issues arise, some trivial and easily dealt with, others that are matters of life and death. There are mysteries too. What is the connection between her fifteen-year old son and the vicar’s daughter? Why has her nine-year old suddenly begun stealing? And who is the strange man who watches children in the school playground from the shelter of the trees? Ali aims to discover the answers, and sometimes finds herself with more than she can handle.
Author Bio
Eleanor Watkins ===============

Eleanor Watkins is the author of over 50 books, mostly fiction for children. She is the author of Harriet and Emilie which won the CRT Fiction Book of the Year on 2023.