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Same Cross New Questions

How Jesus Brings Connection in a World of Loneliness and Separation

Andre Adefope

250 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Using fictional but relatable text-messaging conversations, this book communicates deep truths about he cross and resurrection. The questions many of us ask are often related to our deep struggles with relationships. Am I loved? Do I mean something to someone? Does my life matter? We struggle with loneliness, removing the (social media) mask, and letting people see the real us. We worry that when we hit rock bottom, will anyone stick by us and love us through it all? Who can we really count on? Who can like me when I don't even like myself? André Adefope believes we can find answers to these questions in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The Bible reveals the cross itself directly answers these questions, and brings the deep connection and relationships we crave. Adefope shows how the theme of connection is often forgotten, but can enrich other amazing truths we know about the cross so whether we're Christians or not, we can make room for God and his beautiful Gospel in our struggles and every area of our messy lives.
Author Bio
André Adefope is the head of relationship development at Naked Truth, the co-author of the Dating Dilemma book, and oversees the Naked Truth Relationships project (formerly called Relationship Dilemma). He has years of experience teaching and supporting people in the area of building God-centered relationships, and is passionate about seeing people thrive in this area.