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In His Eyes

Stories from the Heart of the Streets

224 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
In His Eyes: Stories from the Heart of the Streets, tells the real stories of people and their second chances through 50 years' worth of lyrics from Michael McMillan's solo music albums: Cold and Roofless, Faith to Faith, Meet Me at The Cross, and Cross Country.

The lyrics and accompanying photographs graphically depict real stories of poverty, homelessness, crime, vengeance, prison, addiction, love, relationships, infidelity, and ultimately, forgiveness, faith, and a second chance.

These tales of the emotional roller coaster of life will touch your heart and soul.
Author Bio
Michael McMillan is a Christian musician who learned to play The Highland Bagpipes and the drums at a young age. He ran away from home as a young teenager and ended up in London, playing drums with various musicians and bands while learning firsthand the impact that drugs, alcohol, violence, poverty, and homelessness can have on people, families, communities, and society. He now works as a part-time addicitions counselor in his local community and the prison systems when not touring and playing his music around the world.