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Agricultural Science and Food Security

Nekesah T. Wafullah

274 pages
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Agricultural Science and Food Security discusses the challenges and hurdles in global food security. The scope of the bookincludes, but not limited to agricultural science, sustainableagricultural food production, food production and efficiencyin utilization of agricultural resources. The main reason is thepoor management of pests, weeds ad diseases in crops that isobstructing the way of food security globally ad to address thesame, management of same has been discussed in details to maximize production of food crops.
Author Bio
Nekesah T. Wafullah, M.Sc. Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, isskilled agriculture expert with extensive knowledge in agricultural business management services, projectmanagement, various forms of fertilizer, their production, sales, marketing aspects, and application regimes;cross-border fertilizer trade policies; youth and women empowerment; and volunteerism. She hasexperience in agricultural markets in Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic ofCongo (DRC)—Bukavu and Lubumbashi, and Uganda.