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Biochemistry in Nutrition

Prerna Pandey Shiv Sanjeevi

284 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Biochemistry in Nutrition examines various aspects of biochemistry including an extensiveoverview of Components of Nutritional Biochemistry and related terms. It includes definitions of nutritional deficiencies, nutritional knowledge, practice, and dietary habitsamong school children and adolescents. Provides the reader with insights into theAging, Nutritional Status and Health, so as to understand the Nutritional Knowledge,Practice, and Dietary Habits among school Children and Adolescents. The book alsodiscusses research and clinical implications of religion, spirituality, and health.
Author Bio
Dr Prerna Pandey, a biotechnologist with several years of wet lab research experience, worked atInternational Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, New Delhi. She has also worked atTransasia Biomedicals and Advance Enzyme Technologies as a scientist. Prerna has published papersin peer-reviewed journals, and has submitted a number of annotated Geminiviral genome sequencesin the GenBank, including two novel ones. Now, she works as a freelance scientific editor and writer.