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Advanced Research in Photonics

Nelson Bolívar

263 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Advanced Research in Photonics elaborates the extent of properties and transmission ofphotons and fibre optics in details including its applications in field of microwaves andits applications in medical and environmental interactions. The modern working andapproaches in field of photonics has also been discussed to provide the readers withinsights implementation and applications like space applications of photonic cells, usesof plasmonic for modern photovoltaic devices and future prospects like photonics and3D stacking based memory systems.
Author Bio
Nelson Bolivar has a PhD. in physics from the University of Lorraine inFrance finished in 2014. His expertise is in quantum systems and condensedmatter. His interest includes spintronic devices and correspondencesbetween general relativity and condensed matter. He is currently anassociate professor at the Central University of Venezuela