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Tin Men

A Crime Novel

312 pages
Ecw Press

- Fast paced, intriguing, and featuring memorable antiheroes, Tin Men will appeal to viewers of gritty crime shows like True Detective and The Fall

- Known for well-drawn characters and graphic violence, Knowles has evolved in this latest novel, while still delivering readers what they loved about the Wilson series, which garnered multiple starred reviews

- "Combining the intense grit of Richard Stark's Parker series with the amorality of Jim Thompson's work, Knowles once again delivers a heady brew of tough-guy dialogue, byzantine plots, vibrant characters, and a protagonist who believes only in 'an I for an I.'"— Publishers Weekly, starred review of Rocks Beat Paper

- The three protagonists all pretend to be 'tin men': all shield, no heart.
Author Bio

Mike Knowles lives in Hamilton with his wife, children, and dog. He has written six novels in the critically acclaimed Wilson series: Darwin’s Nightmare, Grinder, In Plain Sight, Never Play Another Man’s Game, The Buffalo Job, and Rocks Beat Paper.