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When God Shows Up in Your Life Unexpectedly

Kenneth Overman

211 pages
Crosslink Publishing

When was the last time you felt God's touch?

Every Christian believes in miracles, but few recognize how God performs them in their own life today. Through a series of profound experiences in exotic locales with colorful characters, the author's astonishing life journey demonstrates how God performs miracles in both the mundane and extraordinary moments.

Starting with an encounter on a small boat in the South Pacific as a teenager to a near mishap on an oil rig in the Red Sea, to a miraculous adoption in Europe and business successes and failures, Ken has lived it all and shares the wisdom gained through trusting Him.

In every account you'll see how our loving Father directs, encourages, and sometimes teaches a painful lesson. As a bonus, you'll learn a time-tested way to know if you're on the right path with God.

Written with disarming vulnerability and backed by solid scripture, this uplifting testimony will inspire you to view your life in a new, exciting way.

Author Bio
Entrepreneur and author Kenneth R. Overman, MBA, has visited 108 countries and written over 30 books, including novels, memoirs, and biographical legacies. He lives with his wife, Karen, in northeast Florida where they write, swim, and eagerly anticipate more of God’s intrusions.