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The Bible and Politics

Weaving Biblical Principles Into Politics

Walter Manning

217 pages
Crosslink Publishing
Today's pundits of political correctness have decreed it inappropriate to talk about the Bible in the public marketplace. Those who do are often vilified and stamped as a religious fanatic. But, even worse is to discuss the Bible and politics in the same conversation.

So why, you might ask, would anyone want to publicly tackle two controversial subjects, simultaneously? Whereas religion and politics impact each of us, to ignore either is to risk being manipulated and controlled by their apostles.

In The Bible and Politics: Weaving Biblical Principles Into Politics, humor is the delivery vehicle chosen to approach contentious issues involving Washington politics. By intertwining biblical principles with quotes from famous people, the Bible becomes the established plumb line in the political arena.

Includes quotes from Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Groucho Marx, LBJ, Bill Clinton, Ambrose Bierce, W.C. Fields, Jim Hightower, Mark Twain, Will Rogers, Golda Meir, John F. Kennedy, Milton Friedman, Plato, Alexander Hamilton, Noam Chomsky, Niccolo Machiavelli, Margaret Thatcher, Thomas Jefferson, Doug Larson, Henry Kissinger, Harry Truman, Yogi Berra, Aesop, John Adams, Alexander de Tocqueville, Cal Thomas, R.J. O'Rourke, Lord Acton, Dick Gregory, Khalil Gibran, Daniel Hannan, Thurgood Marshall, Lewis Black, Charles de Gaulle, Bill Cosby, William Randolph, Robert Orben, Napoleon Bonaparte, Erich Fromm, Bernard Baruch, John Kenneth Galbraith, Stewart Udall, Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Hubert Humphrey, Pericles, Paul Valery, Benjamin Disraeli, Robert Byrd, Jesse Jackson, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edmond Burke, Karl Von Clausewitz, Donald Rumsfeld, John Jay Chapman, Ann Richards, Henry Adams, Kinky Friedman, Otto Von Bismarck, Walter Landor, Richard B. Sheridan, Eric Sevareid, Robert Byrne, George Bernard Shaw, Voltaire, Donald Trump, Jay Leno, Byron Cranston, Reinhold Niebuhr, and Vladimir Lenin.
Author Bio
Walt Manning spent 50 years in the hi-tech industry. Starting as an electronics technician in the USAF, he later earned a B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering. His career spanned sales, marketing, and program management. As a senior manager, he became proficient in the game of corporate politics.