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Let Us Hear

Studies on the Seven Letters of Christ in Revelation 2-3

Nate Holdridge

149 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Many voices have weighed in on the health of the worldwide church. One voice is drowned out and forgotten, yet it is the most important voice of all.

Before John the Apostle's death, he was struck with a revolutionary vision of the resurrected Jesus Christ. He not only saw Christ but also heard Christ. Jesus spoke seven letters to seven churches in Revelation 2-3, letters which help the modern church see and hear his heart.

In Let Us Hear, pastor Nate Holdridge helps the modern church know Jesus through these seven ancient letters. Explaining each letter in detail, Holdridge takes the reader into the mind and heart of Christ. When these letters from Christ are understood, believers experience transformation. For those dull and lifeless, vitality returns. Those stuck in coldness and weakness experience fire and power. Those in need of encouragement and resolve find hope and grace.

For any and every occasion believers find themselves in, Christ's letters provide the needed course altering perspective.

Author Bio
Nate Holdridge has served as lead teaching pastor of Calvary Monterey since 2008. As a Bible expositor/teacher, Holdridge has devoted his life to communicating the timeless truth of God's Word in a down to earth, verse-by-verse, understandable way for every listener and reader, generation and group before him.