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Your Last Chance To Get It Right!

A Journey from Darkness into Light

Alan W. Hayden

432 pages
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Since antiquity, mankind has been searching for God in all the wrong places, which has resulted in a world that is tormented, driven by evil, and out of control. In traveling the globe, the author has witnessed firsthand the misery, squalor, and hopelessness of people who are struggling to find true meaning in their lives. Billions of people are living in darkness and ignorance because they have never known the peace and tranquility of a personal, loving relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ. The author understands that trying to explain love to someone who has never been in love is not easy. But, with a fervent desire, the author attempts to show nonbelievers the way with the confidence that the Holy Spirit will do the rest.
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Alan W. Hayden was born in England during the horrors of World War II. Growing up without God in the home, he learned firsthand the experience of living in spiritual darkness. After serving in British Special Forces in the Middle East, Alan has since traveled to more than one hundred countries where his vast experiences have allowed him to meet people in their indigenous environments. Here he has witnessed idol worship, talismans, and amulets used to ward off enemy spirits, and people constantly living in fear. The degradation and hopelessness of so many people living with only darkness in their futures, not only in the darkest corners of our planet, but also in highly educated Europe, helped lead the author in the direction of the light of the Lord, Jesus Christ, as the only true way. Nonbelievers still have the chance to get it right with God, but they need to act on the contents found in this book. Life does not come with guarantees for tomorrow. Life is short, but we are awash in information and knowledge today more than at any time during mankind's history. If nonbelievers study the overwhelming evidence, the hope will be that they will turn toward their Maker before it is too late.