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How I Found Myself in Egypt

Subhanah Wahhaj

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Embark on a journey of this young, Muslim female who marries, leaves the U.S. with her husband and re-locates to Egypt, where she would make incredibly daring decisions. But does she bite off more than she can chew? This young Muslim female finds herself in a situation that causes her to think twice about one of her bold decisions that would forever change her life. When her husband and another female make plans to marry, she is hit with an unruly bombshell, and her faith is tested like never before. She finds herself in a situation where she has to make a choice that would not only affect her and her husband but their new born baby as well.
Author Bio
Mecca Jihad was raised by two wonderful parents who instilled a sturdy foundation of the principles of Islam in their household. She has 8 brothers and sisters, who were all raised in New York City. Mecca attended Medgar Evers College and earned a bachelor’s degree in English. She spent nearly three years in Egypt, where she studied the Qur’an and Islamic sciences. She enjoys spending her time studying the Qur’an deeply and making connection to everyday life. She is married with two children.