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Manage Your Mind Manage Your Life

M. Gopinathan Nair

234 pages
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Every human being, regardless of his or her origin or upbringing, is endowed with a marvelous and mysterious apparatus called the mind. It works twenty-four hours a day, producing conditions, events, and experiences in each of our lives. Your thoughts are the tools with which you work and the only tools you have to shape your destiny. Your experience is a mere reflection of your thoughts. For example, you look into the mirror and you don’t like the face you see. But you will not break the mirror because you know that the mirror is only reflecting the face you have. Similarly, your experience in life is a mirror reflecting your inner thoughts. To change the conditions, you have to change the causes—your thoughts. Blaming your poor economic condition is like blaming the mirror for your face. Think about it. After you study this book, you will learn not to blame the mirror for your poor image. You will consciously start working with causes instead of conditions.

Author Bio

M. Gopinathan Nair is a native of Kerala, India. He migrated to the United States in June 1972. Before migrating to the United States, he attended the University of Bombay, where he received his master’s degree in commerce. He taught for six years and also worked in the forging industry for three years. Gopi, as he is popularly known, has been a salesman for the past twenty-five years and has worked for financial institutions such as Travelers, Prudential Insurance, Dean Witter Reynolds, and Metlife. He is also a member of the National Speakers Association and lectures extensively on such topics as goal setting, the power of enthusiasm, and the magic of loving. As an ardent student of mental science and a mental science practitioner, Gopi has been doing extensive research in mental science since 1980 and zealously practices this ancient science to promote peace and harmony in daily life.