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Championing Your Well-Being

Lessons and Practices of the Most Unwavering Quantum Biology Practitioners and Intuits

Thomas Padikal

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If one of your internal subsystems (say, for instance, the pineal gland) has ten active centers, we can show its energy state metaphorically as horses drawing a chariot. If all horses are aligned, the chariot will begin moving. However, if half the horses pull in direct opposition to the other half, the lack of alignment will result in no movement. Such dynamics in the subatomic world are given by coherence and phase. What if the onset of well-being (or breakdowns in well-being) has such humble beginnings in the quantum world?
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Dr. Thomas Padikal is a medical physicist who, working side by side with some of the most recognized names in oncology, has participated in the care and treatment of nearly twenty thousand patients in radiation oncology. Currently devoted to in vivo quantum biology, he sees education, coaching, and tending as his most sacred service to clients who access their innate capacity to co-create peak vitality and optimum well-being. You do not need to be a physicist, but being open to the “love and playful magic” of the cosmos may get things rolling!