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The Chinese Woman from the Painting

Florence Tholozan N. Theo

656 pages
Harvard Square Editions
The very moment you meet someone, you already have a vague idea of what will happen in the relationship. And the emotion that arises from that initial look is equal to the importance that this person will take on in your life.What if, like Mélisende and Guillaume, you discovered a strange painting? A painting about to upset your outlook on life? In the background, behind a young Chinese woman, there would be a couple who would resemble your couple in every way. With one difference: the characters represented on the canvas would be much older.An irresistible curiosity would then take you to China, in search of the Chinese woman from the painting. A haunting contemporary novel of pure and strong emotion. A beautiful story with several voices, where the originality of each one is interwoven into a timeless continuity.
Author Bio
Florence Tholozan's debut novel was awarded the Prix de Paroles d'auteur(e)s de St Clément 2020; and she was a finalist for the Prix du Livre Romantique 2019. She lives near Montpellier in France. A graduate in clinical psychology, she teaches in Hérault. As far back as she can remember, she has always had a love for words. La Chinoise du tableau is her debut novel, and has been translated into English, in an English-French facing-pages edition, and English trade edition.