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Tuck-a-tuck Dragon

JL Morin Nicole Theo Stephan Theo

58 pages
Harvard Square Editions
A Diverse, Rhyming Children's Book to Overcome Childhood Fears. Audio, ebook and hardback formats bring to life the soothing tale of an outcast dragon who overcomes childhood fears, bravely lulling a pair of scary babies to sleep with his magical sand. The "boring Tan Dragon" wins the respect of his colorful peers when he faces his fear and realizes his special gift. Brilliant, often abstract, paintings by Stephan Theo and Nicole Theo illustrate this enchanting rhyme—Stephan Theo from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television voice acts the audiobook, to singer-songwriter Nicole Theo's guitar accompaniment. The dragons in this bedtime story frolic to poetry, while delighting, empowering and motivating. Kids will love the award-winning author's charming tale of a rainbow of silly dragon friends pulling together and overcoming their fear of the littlest humans. Teaches: facing fear to find our unique virtues; diversity; colors; reading words that finish rhymes.
Author Bio
JL Morin grew up in inner-city Detroit. She proffered moral support while her parents sacrificed all to a failed system. Wondering what Japan was doing right, she decamped to Tokyo. Her debut Japan novel, Sazzae, won an eLit gold medal and a Living Now Book Award. Her second novel, Travelling Light, was a USA Best Book Awards finalist, and her third, Trading Dreams became ‘Occupy’s first bestselling novel’. Her climate fiction novel, Nature’s Confession, won first place in the Dante Rossetti Book Awards, and a Readers’ Favorite Book Award, a LitPick 5-Star Review Award, and an excerpt received an Honorable Mention in the Eco-Fiction Story Contest. Morin’s fiction has appeared in The Harvard Advocate and Harvard Yisei, and her articles and translations in The Huffington Post, Library Journal, The Detroit News, Agence France Presse, European Daily, and Livonia Observer Eccentric Newspapers. JL Morin’s writing draws on a breadth of experience. She traded derivatives in New York while studying nights for her MBA at New York University’s Stern School of Business; worked for the Federal Reserve Bank posted to the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center; presented the news as a TV broadcaster; and is adjunct faculty at Boston University.Nicole Theo and Stephan Theo painted the paintings in the book over a period of two decades. Singer-songwriter Nicole Theo composed the guitar music on the Tuck-a-tuck Dragon audiobook. In 2019, she launched an EP of her original songs entitled 'In My Sleep'.Stephan Theo and Nicole Theo painted the paintings in the book over a period of two decades. Stephan, who attended the UCLA Theater, Film, and Televison School, voice acted the audiobook.