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184 pages
Harvard Square Editions
In a barbaric future enough hope remains for some to sacrifice everything\n\nThe gripping story of a father's struggle to save his son from a corrupt society in a pitiless bleak futuristic America\n\nMired in a corrupt dangerous city that is on the verge of collapse a father and son flee to a rural village hoping to find refuge from their violent lives. What they find is not the haunted hippie environs of local legend but a gritty farm community that thrives despite the threat of criminal invasions and the ominous presence of a nearby nuclear reactor.
A bioengineer Lucas lends his expertise to the efforts of sustainability while his son, a rising young photojournalist, falls in love with one of the sons of a folksy family whose charm lies in its ability to keep the community together through music and love, until disaster shakes their fragile world.