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The Judas Syndrome

Seven Ancient Heresies Return to Betray Christ Anew

Thomas Colyandro

159 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
Throughout two millennia of Christian history, the great heresies have tried to destroy the Faith by perverting the truths that Christ taught the apostles. Beginning in Jesus' own time with the betrayal of the arch-heretic Judas, and continuing through the centuries, waves of error have threatened to swamp the Church, only to break and be dashed upon the Rock of Peter. However, though they may be defeated for a time by saints, popes, councils, and even force of arms as long as sin and error remains in our fallen world these heresies can never be truly vanquished. This condition is the Judas Syndrome; it betrayed Christ unto death, and it afflicts His Church and the world unto this day. In these pages, author Tom Colyandro investigates seven of the most harmful, most seductive, heresies in Church history, and reveals that they are indeed with us once more. New from Saint Benedict Press.
Author Bio
Thomas Colyandro is an author and educator of theology, spirituality, and ecclesiastical history. Holding Master's degrees in both divinity and theology from the University of St. Thomas School of Theology, Texas, he has also organized retreats and discernment programs for councils, school boards, and parish staffs throughout the state. Additionally, he has written sixty articles, as well as the full-length The Judas Syndrome, a work on historical heresies, which was printed by TAN in 2010.