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The Rule of St. Benedict

128 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
The "Rule" of St. Benedict was written in the sixth century by the father of monastic life, St. Benedict himself. It towers in the great tradition of Christian Monasticism. Its leading characteristics are its wonderful discretion, moderation, and keen insight into the capabilities and weaknesses of human nautre. Here is a common sense approach to arranging life so that Christian spirituality and virtue can be lived out in any community settings - monastic or familial.
Author Bio
St. Benedict was born in 480 at Nursia, Italy. The twin sister of St. Scholastica and patron saint of students, he is also widely recognized for his John Cassian-influenced Rule of St. Benedict. Forsaking worldly desires for a vocation to the monastic life, he was a respected and deeply spiritual man who highly influenced the culture and civilization of Europe. St. Benedict died at Monte Cassino in 547 while standing in prayer.