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An Experts' Guide to International Protocol

Best Practice in Diplomatic and Corporate Relations

Gilbert Monod de Froideville Mark Verheul

352 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Although modern life grows increasingly casual, in many sectors, protocol still reigns supreme. An Expert's Guide to International Protocol offers an overview of its associated practices, including those found within the context of diplomatic relations and the business world. Focusing on a wide range of countries and cultures, the book covers topics like precedence, seating arrangements, flags, ceremonies, invitations, dress codes, gifts and honours, and the roles of the protocol officer, guest and host. Throughout, influential diplomatic, business, and cultural figures share their own experiences with protocols around the world, also throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
Author Bio
Gilbert Monod de Froideville is Honorary Chamberlain and former Master of Ceremonies of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Director of the consulting company Protocol International. Mark Verheul is former Head of Protocol of the City of The Hague and founder of the training firm Mark Verheul – International Protocol & Strategic Networking.