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Reassessing Epistemic Images in the Early Modern World

324 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This edited collection of papers explores from an interdisciplinary perspective the role of images and objects in early modern knowledge-making practices with an emphasis on mapping methodological approaches against printed pictures and things. The volume brings together work across diverse printed images, objects, and materials produced c. 1500-1700, as well as well as works in the ambit of early modern print culture, to reframe a comparative history of the rise of the ‘epistemic imprint’ as a new visual genre at the onset of the scientific revolution. The book includes contributions from the perspective of international scholars and museum professionals drawing on methodologies from a range of fields.
Author Bio
Ruth Sargent Noyes is Marie Sklodowska-Curie EU Senior Research Fellow in Art History at the National Museum of Denmark. Author of a number of books and articles, she is a 2014 Fellow of the American Academy in Rome and recipient of a number of research grants and awards.