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Religion in Dutch Society 2005

Documentation of a National Survey on Religious and Secular Attitudes and Behaviour

Eisinga Ariana Need Marcel Coenders Nan Dirk de Graaf Marcel Lubbers Scheepers

245 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This Data Guide provides the documentation of a national survey on religious and secular attitudes and behaviour in Dutch society 2005. The data files as well as additional documentation files of this publication can be downloaded from the online archiving system EASY of Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS).

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Biographical Sketch Nan Dirk de Graaf joined Nuffield College in 2007. He obtained his PhD at Utrecht University (1988) and was a post-doc researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Education and Human Development in Berlin (1988-1989). He was a research fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy (1990-1995) and a full Professor in Sociology (also the chair of the Department) at Nijmegen University (2001-2007) and the chair of the Reseach School ICS (2003-2007).