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Girl Takes Drastic Step!

How Molly Lamb Bobak Became Canada's First Official Woman War Artist

32 pages
Nimbus Publishing

An inspiring picture book biography of the pioneering mid-century female visual artist and military officer who never gave up on her dream.

It's 1942 and Molly is an artist through and through. With World War II raging overseas, she wants more than anything to capture with her art what it's like there. She takes a drastic step and joins the Canadian Women's Army Corps in the hopes of realizing this dream, but her commanders believe the front lines are no place for a woman artist. Instead, she's assigned to the cafeteria, to the kitchen, to the garage. Eventually her talent is recognized, but she's dispatched to illustrate cooking manuals and paint theatre scenery-not to the front lines.

Molly never stops marching towards what she wants and keeps writing and drawing in her diary, describing what enlisted life is like for women. Finally, in spring 1945, her dream comes true. Molly becomes Canada's first official woman war artist working overseas.

Looking back it's clear that Molly Lamb Bobak was an unofficial war artist from the day she signed on to the army; her uniquely crafted journal has allowed generations to understand what everyday life was like for Canadian women working as part of the war effort. Jillian Dobson's warm, engaging story brings Molly's determination and optimism to young readers, and Genevieve Simms's dynamic and unique illustrations nod to Molly's vivid, energetic style in this essential Canadian story.