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A Review of Algebra

252 pages
Library of Alexandria
For such a review the regular textbook is inadequate. From an embarrassment of riches the teacher finds it laborious to select the proper examples, while the student wastes time in searching for scattered assignments. The object of this book is to conserve the time and effort of both teacher and student, by providing a thorough and effective review that can readily be completed, if need be, in two periods a week for a half year. Each student is expected to use his regular textbook in algebra for reference, as he would use a dictionary,—to recall a definition, a rule, or a process that he has forgotten. He should be encouraged to think his way out wherever possible, however, and to refer to the textbook only when forced to do so as a last resort. The definitions given in the General Outline should be reviewed as occasion arises for their use. The whole Outline can be profitably employed for rapid class reviews, by covering the part of the Outline that indicates the answer, the method, the example, or the formula, as the case may be. The whole scheme of is ordinarily to have a page of problems represent a day's work. This, of course, does not apply to the Outlines or the few pages of theory, which can be covered more rapidly. By this plan, making only a part of the omissions indicated in the next paragraph, the essentials of the algebra can be readily covered, if need be, in from thirty to thirty-two lessons, thus leaving time for tests, even if only eighteen weeks, of two periods each, are allotted to the course